Create network bond / team in Win10

This is mostly a note to self.

First, run powershell as administrator:
Click [menu] -> type “powershell” in box -> right click on icon -> select [Run as administrator]

Do what follows below, but don’t include the brackets themselves. They are just there to denote that you can use any text within them; you don’t have to use my examples. Or I. Since this is a note to self, mostly. The quotation marks need to be there, I think, but I’m not sure about the capitalisation. Since this is Windows, I’m guessing it just doesn’t give a toss.
nn demarks number notation (01, 02, 03, etc).

Create network bond/team [team name], with members [member 01] [member 02] [member 03] […]:
New-NetSwitchTeam -Name “[team name]” -TeamMembers “[member 01]” “[, member 02]” “[, member 03]” “[, …]”

Add member [member nn] to existing bond/team [existing team]:
Add-NetSwitchTeamMember -Team “[existing team]” -Name “[member nn]”

Remove member [member nn] from existing bond/team [existing team]:
Remove-NetSwitchTeamMember -Team “[existing team]” -Member “[member nn]”

Here’s how you remove the team you’ve created. Important to note is that you (probably) don’t need to uninstall the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver in the device manager, just remove the bond/team.

Remove bond/team [remove team]:
Remove-NetSwitchTeam -Name “[remove team]”

Can’t find your bonds/teams? I’m guessing the following should work:
Get-NetSwitchTeam -Name “[*]”

Parenthesis: I guess you could also do the following bit, although I haven’t tested it myself. It might work, and it might not work at all since there are no members to create the team, and also since this is Windows, because… Windows.

Create network bond/team [team name], no members:
New-NetSwitchTeam -Name “[team name]”

“But why?”, you ask?

Well, I run a couple of virtual machines, and I do it in different locations. This means I have to use different wifi and ethernet networks (or rather: The hardware for those networks, i.e. dongles), which sometimes makes my vm:s stumble (virtualbox). With this method I can create a network bond/team and connect the vm-network to the team, and thus I don’t need to remember to make sure the correct network is up. If I connect new hardware for either wifi or ethernet, I can always add these to the team.

“I am a lazy person.”, I respond.

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