Angry Lunduke and The Daily Stormer

This in response to @bryanlunduke on the topic at hand:

First of all, it’s not about “free speech”; It’s about hate-speech, it’s about racism, it’s about nazism, it’s about promoting terrorism and the annihilation of people(s). it’s about crimes against humanity(1). We have all agreed on this, believe it or not.
Yes, we could argue for years whether or not companies should accept (either willingly or forcibly) any and all kinds of content, links, referrals and so on; this does not diminish from the fact: It’s hate-speech and thus crimes against humanity or the direct/indirect promotion of crimes against humanity.

Today they are free to choose. And they have chosen not to host this kind of content. Fine. And fine by me. A commendable decision, in fact.

Now. What you’re doing is basically – if yet not outspokenly so – taking the liberal “both sides are as bad” stance. The “we must allow free speech or free speech will be taken from us” stance.

And you are not correct. History proves this time and time again.

In fact; it’s pretty much the other way around: If we allow intolerance, intolerance itself will end us (2). Those of us with any and all experiences from dictatorships (Chile, e.g. – a dictatorship managed and imposed by C.I.A / USA (3)) can tell you this. It happens. All the time. And it’s happening right now, in the USA, although it’s being orchestrated by your Fuckmuppet In Chief (e.g. the demand of 1.3 million IP-addresses of visitors to Trump protest website (4)).

It’s not about free speech. Free speech is protecting us, you and me, from the government and from those who act on the behalf of the government. Free speech is about Black Lives Matter, it’s about fighting injustice. It’s not, really, about what we do to each other as individuals. Or businesses. Maybe it should be, I don’t know. Even so, that’s another matter and not really relevant right now (5).

I’m in Sweden. We’ve tolerated racism, we’ve given them “free speech” – and gotten reprimanded by, among other Amnesty and the UN. Results? We now have fascists in Parliament. We now have political parties – all over the scale, n.b. – copying their policies and/or adapting to them. We now deport refugees 106, yes; one hundred and six, years old because “Afghanistan is a safe country” – allthewhile we recommend none of our citizens to visit that particular region. And this is Sweden, arguably one of the “best” and “safest” countries in the world. And also, basically, the inventors of nazism, believe it or not. (6)

Fun thing is; if you have a problem with google, in fact so badly that you expect to be thrown off the site… why are you on it? I’m curious.


Oh. Btw. This is me unsubscribing. Consider it “censorship” if you will. Or maybe “Aid in getting me off youtube”, I don’t know.

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